The New 2020 Mercedes Gls 550 Looks Fresher and might Better than the GLE

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2020 Mercedes Gls 550 – Some people maybe thought that the current GLS-class is designed for the Americans. It has the overstated and brash design which is far different from the Range Rover. However, you will love the concept that will be brought by the company because the next generation of this car will come with its luxury and also the better relative to the S-class.

It has been a while since the latest generation of this full-size luxury SUV from Mercedes hit the market. If you are an auto lover, you will notice that every year the company just does the minor change. However, this time is different because they do something bigger. The interior and exterior will be highlighted on this new 2020 Mercedes Gls 550. Some spy shots can be gotten when this car was tested. However, most of the parts are covered. That is why; it is quite hard to find and know the details of this car. The interior is hidden almost in all parts and it makes a lot of people expected that this car will get the huge overhaul.

This new car is not coming any time soon. The auto company will take their time to launch this car in 2020 where this car will be completed by the latest equipment and features as well. For your information, there is a new that this car will use the diesel engine. However, some people said they doubted it since the big scandal that was happened between the VW and Audi. The other possibility that might come is the Hybrid option, but it seems that it is still so far. It is supported by the fact that Ford is now preparing a system for its full-size SUVs which is including the Lincoln Navigator that will be a great competitor for the Mercedes Gls 550. 

2020 Mercedes Gls 550 model autoweek
2020 Mercedes Gls 550 model Autoweek, image: Autoweek

2020 Mercedes Gls 550 Spy Shots with Heavy Camouflage Panels

This new car is out on the streets and being tested with some new parts. However, most of the parts of the car are under the heavy camouflage panels. However, some people thought that this new Mercedes will get the minor changes outside. Vice versa, a lot of changes and upgrades will be done inside or in the cabin of this car. So far, we can only see the dimensions of the car and it seems that this car is looked like the MB that is using the same platform. One thing for sure is that anything is possible since the new 2020 Mercedes Gls 550 is wearing the suit. Everything will be clearer until Mercedes gives its confirmation about the car.

Based on the latest spy video that was shared by a source, this car brings the new design philosophy from Mercedes. It means that the car will have the fewer bold lines to get the streamlined look. It has smaller shoulder lines to make a harmony with its sleeker and longer body. In addition, the big wheels will be also applied to state the power that the car will have. Furthermore, this new GLS is also classier with the new headlight design that is clean yet high tech. The technology that will be used can be based on the recent GLE press event that shows us about the technologies that are developed for the new SUV.

The Huge Touchscreen Inside the 2020 Mercedes Gls 550 Cabin

The spy shot shows that most of the interior part of this new GLS 550 is heavily covered. However, we can notice that this car may get the huge touchscreen display inside. The other items that we can see as well are like the transparent gauge and also the three-spoke wheels. There is a possibility that those items will be used on this new Mercedes Gls 550. There is also a rumor that the new command and infotainment system between the front seats will be fresher for it looks and appearance. Now, there is not any further information about the detail of the cabins and we just can wait until the company gives its information.

2020 Mercedes Gls 550 model interior
2020 Mercedes Gls 550 model interior

Will this car uses the same engine like the current model?

We don’t know whether it is the good news or bad news, but based on the rumor this new 2020 Mercedes Gls 550 will use the same engine lineup. It is almost certain since the brand new engine would have launched already. It means that this car can get the “3.0-liter V6 drivetrain” as the base unit. This engine can make up to 360 horsepower and 370 lb-ft for the torque. There is a huge possibility that this engine will be mated with the nine-speed automatic transmission where it can make this SUV has smooth shift gears. The great news is that this car will have huge fuel saver. In addition, the all-wheel-drive will come as the only option.

There is another engine option that we can get for this car. That engine is the more powerful “4.7-liter unit” that can create up to 450 horsepower and 515 pound-feet for the torque.

So, when is the 2020 Mercedes Gls 550 release date? There is not any clear information about this. However, the big possibility is that this car will be released at sometimes in late of 2019 or maybe early in 2020. So, let just wait and see.

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