The 7 Best and Largest Car Insurance Companies in the USA Today

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The US auto insurance market is dominated by several key players. In fact, the top ten insurance companies controlled more than 72% of the market. While the top 7 insurance companies bear a large number of policies, they have quite different characteristics. To help you choose the best insurer for your situation, we have made a list of the top 7 car insurance companies in the United States and discussed what made them unique.

What is the best and largest auto insurance company?

When looking at car insurance ratings in the US, most names can be identified because of national TV ad campaigns. The top ten insurance companies offer various insurance rates, customer experience and claim features. Bellow we will discuss the 7 ten car insurance companies in the United States:

  1. Alstate

Allstate was founded in 1931 and is the second largest property insurance and general trading company in the United States. Like State Farm, Allstate has a list of local agents ready to meet your needs. The company currently employs more than 79,000 people. Allstate’s works in the same room. According to Allstate, Esurance targets independent customers and a sensitive brand, while Allstate is directed to customers with local and personal services. We can consider Allstate as a middle-class insurance company because of high tariff rate and average satisfaction. Allstate Exchange Agent is a variety of discounts offered to customers.

  1. State Farm

State Farm operates as a joint insurance company, meaning it is owned by the policyholder. State Farm is the largest car insurance company in the United States and has 18% of the total market share available. Approximately one in five US private car payments are paid to State Farm. The company currently employs about 70,000 employees and has approximately 19,000 employees. State Farm is a great car insurance company for anyone who wants a local agent and personal insurance experience.

  1. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States and has been around for more than 100 years. Liberty Mutual is a modest insurance company. The competitive advantage of Liberty Mutual auto insurance rates depends on your location. Liberty Mutual also has a large international presence – with operations in 17 countries. International companies sell property, death, health and life insurance policies. The auto insurance industry is a major part of Liberty Mutual’s business, accounting for 36% of the net premiums written from insurance in its latest annual report.

  1. Nationwide

At the national level, Fortune 100 companies pay more than $ 18 billion in claims and other benefits to members in 2017. Companies in many sectors – including financial services, business lines, and private lines – operate in all 50 states. The country has contributed more than $ 430 million to non-profit organizations since 2000. Although Nationwide is not the most affordable insurance company, however, its own customer reviews tend to be positive. This company offers customers the standard coverage and reductions you expect from a major national insurance company.

  1. American Family

American Family are the right choice for your car insurance needs. The company offers reasonable prices, which are likely to be significant when documentholders benefit from some of the many reductions. American Family was established with the primary goal of securing farmers. In the thirties, the company developed and began to focus on securing non-farmers as well. At present, the company is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. In recent years, the American family has paid more than $ 3 billion of home insurance claims, cars and umbrellas.

  1. Esurance

One of the main advantages of buying auto insurance through Esurance (owned by Allstate) is that you have the control and flexibility to build policies that suit your needs. Esurance is one of the first companies to start selling directly to customers and not through agents. They have made it very easy to modify your plan and get offers and get approval for protection. The problem with all adjustments and convenience is that it will be charged.

  1. GEICO

GEICO, which is known for its mobile songs, has worked as a provider of more than 16 million vehicles, including more than 24 million cars. Its size allows it to hire more than 36,000 people in nine regional offices, three service centers and three claims centers. GEICO’s original customer base consists of US government and military personnel. At present, the customer base of the insurance company has been expanded to include people in the private sector.

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