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It is indeed that the privacy of yours is very important for us. In order to protect your privacy, this explanation is useful to make you find easier to use and collect the information that is available in it. In order to make this explanation easy to be found, you do not have to worry as the administrator will make it available in the site’s homepage and every point where the information may be requested personally.

The Use of Double Click DART cookie and Google Adsense

There is third party (Google) in this site that can provide you with advertisement. You can use it at your own risk. By using DART cookies, Google will enable the advertisement to appear in the internet and used by the visitor of this site.

In order to cancel out the DART Cookies available in this site, you can try to visit Google ads or You have to know that Google is allowed to access or track the user of any DART Cookies available in it.

For your information, the third party ad server, as well as network ads will use the cookies in order to track the activities of the users. It is done to measure the effectiveness of the ads available in it. Due to that reason, this site will have no access to control all things that can be done by the third party (Google) only.

Personal Information Collections

If you are visiting this site, the administrator will collect the personal information of yours, such as your IP address that you will use to access this site. You have to know that the information collected is used for knowing the user movement and collect the information of demographic through the internal use. The collected information about your IP Address will not linked or shown to other third parties.

Link of Website for Third Party

Do not worry because the administrator will provide you with the link on this site for your reference. Please bear in mind that we are not responsible through the privacy policies available on the website. You have to know that the privacy policies of this site are sometimes can be different with ours.

 Privacy Statements Changes

The consents will be altered at anytime without giving you further notice. Make sure to ask the administrator if you want to ask question or information regarding the policy that you have collected in this site, or anything that you need.

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Privacy Policy