Myth or Fact: Trailing the Huge Cars is good for the Fuel Efficient?

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All people want to save fuel. That is why; a lot of ways are done by the drivers or people to save their fuel more. In fact, some people are maybe doing the right thing, but the rests are not. They did the actions that are unfounded. If you are a driver, maybe you have already familiar with an effort that is done to save the fuel is by trailing behind the big cars. Now, the question is that, is it true?

This technique is also called “drafting” or driving really close behind the huge vehicle that will make you get the low-pressure zone that is created as they move through the air. Based on some sources, driving in this free-ride zone is not only great to save fuel for the tailgating driver, but also for the truck driver. It is because the trucker gets the little high-pressure push.

Trailing behind the huge car such as the truck, trailer, and many more again are also known as “slipstream” or stealing the wind. It is done to reduce the wind resistance that is believed great to make the fuel consumption of a vehicle is more efficient. In fact, some experts said that this why is true that the wind resistance in your car can be reduced.

However, if your velocity is under 80 km/hour, this wind resistance reduce that is gotten with this action is too small and can be ignored. It means that to get the meaningful effect, you have to drive the car with more than 80 km/hour velocity and the faster the more effective it will be.

Double the Trouble

If you drive the car with more than 80 km/hour velocity behind the huge car, it cans double the trouble. Based on the rule, the save distance between a car and the other car in 100 km/hour velocity is at least 72 meters. If it is closer, it means that you can endanger yourself. What we mean here is that there is a bigger risk for you to get an accident. In addition, drive your car in 100 km/hour or more velocity is not the recommended way to save your fuel. Overall, this action is dangerous for you or even for the other people in the road.

Trailing behind the huge cars maybe can reduce the fuel consumption, but it comes with several notes. For the example is that you have to ride with at least 80 km/hour velocity or more to get the significant result. That is why; we are not recommending this way and maybe there are some other ways that you can do which are wiser and safer to get the fuel efficiency.

How to get the fuel efficiency safely

Since trailing the big cars is not recommended to save your fuel more, we will share some other safer ways to get the fuel efficiency. Actually, these ways are securer and also easier to do as well. Below are some simple actions that you can do to save the fuel:

  1. Avoid the sudden braking and too much acceleration

Sudden breaking will be not only scraping the brake quickly, but it will also make your car is always starting the pull from the bottom point. This way has an impact on the fuel that must be burned. In the other side, having too much acceleration can be also spending the gasoline really fast. The best way to get the fuel efficiency is by stepping on the gas pedal slowly and gradually. Don’t step on it too deep. Besides making the wasteful fuel, this driving style is also dangerous.

  1. Keep the Machine RPM

There are so many techniques for passing the engine gear. To make it has the efficient fuel usage; you have to know when the right time to pass the engine gear is. It is better to pass the engine gear at the RPM 1500 – 2200. Meanwhile, for the diesel engine, it must be on the RPM 1100 – 2000. It is also better to keep your car to have the constant speed in that RPM.

  1. Make Sure that the Tires Have enough Air

The car’ tires that don’t have enough air will create bigger friction, especially between the car’s tires and the road. It will reduce the tire’s traction and the car will be increasingly burdened. Filling too much air for your tires is also not good. That is why; it is better to check the recommendation from the manufacturer about the right air pressure for the tires. By keeping the air pressure in the right amount, the fuel will be more efficient up to 5% up to 20%.

  1. Use the High-Quality Fuel

The type of fuel that is used can also help you to save more fuel. It is better to choose the gasoline with the suitable octane based on your car needs. The low-quality fuel maybe has the cheaper price and it can cave the expenses. This way is maybe effective for short-term needs, but it is not for long-term usage. Furthermore, using the gasoline or fuel recommended by the manufacturer is also better for the engine and fuel consumption.

Those ways above are better and safer as well to save the fuel consumption than trailing behind the big cars to get the fuel efficient.

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