How to Design Your Car to be a Child-Friendly Car?

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Choosing a family car is not as easy as it is looked. There are some factors that are needed to be considered. If you are a young family with one kid or more, it is better to consider several child-friendly features. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of young or new families who are ignoring this need and ignoring the safety aspect when they are driving together with their kinds in a car.

For an example is a habit where a lot of parents or adults who are choosing to lap the kids or baby in their car; in fact, it is not a recommended thing because it can endanger the kids. So, how to solve this problem? We can say that the best solution for this is creating a child-friendly car. If you want to do this, below are some tips that we will share about how to design your car to be a child-friendly one. Check this out.

  1. Make sure that your car has the ISOFIX feature

If you are having the babies or kids under 5 years old, it is better to consider the safety driving aspect for them. For the example is that your car needs to have the ISOFIX feature or the “International Standards Organization Fix”. This feature is maybe not familiar for the new cars’ buyers, but this feature has a function to sew a baby chair on the seat. The baby or children’s body posture is not suitable to use the safety belt that is located in the car’s seat. That is why; if you force them to use it, the risk of fatal injury during an accident can happen. It is better to use the specific seat for the kids or babies that you can buy in some stores easily.

  1. Use the “Baby on Board” Sticker

When you are driving maybe you ever watch the sticker or a hanger in the windshield that is written “Baby on board” or “baby in car”. It is a special sticker that is usually affixed to the windshield as a sign that there is a baby or child in a car. It can be a sign to make the other car is more careful in driving their car. For the example, they will not do the sudden maneuver or other dangerous actions when they are driving. The other reason why a driver uses this sticker is to make the police or medical employees do the right treatment when an accident happens with that car.

  1. Provide the entertainment on the go

It is better to give your kids entertained when you are driving with them. It will make you have more focus on driving and watching the kids’ condition as your passenger. It is also beneficial to make your children is not boring during the journey. You may consider this tip, especially if you will have a long journey with your kids. That is why; you can provide some entertainments that they love such as the kids’ movie, toys, or maybe the interesting music that the kids’ will love.

  1. Bring some special products for kids

The other smart tip is by bringing the special and interesting products for the kids. These products will make your kids always feel comfortable along the journey. The kinds of products that you can bring are like the traveling stroller that can be folded and will fit in your car perfectly, the diaper bag, foods, milk, up to the favorite blanket that is loved by your kids.

  1. Install the Additional Rearview Mirror

Along with your journey, most of the parents always want to check their kids’ condition anytime. That is why; the additional rearview mirror will be helped because it can make you are easier to look back and check your lovely kids. This accessory is beneficial to check your children without needed to look back. You just need to see in the mirror. This rearview mirror can be bought easily in some shops or online shops with the affordable price.

  1. Design your Interior

The car’s interior can make the kids feel more comfortable if you decorate it perfectly. For the example, you can adjust the temperature or the air conditioner in the right one which is not too cold or not too hot for the kids. In addition, it is also better to make the interior is not too in capacious because of too many goods that you are placed in the cabin. Meanwhile, for the interior color, you can choose any colors that will make your kids are comfortable. Some people recommend using the dark one to make the kids feel warmer.

Those are the simple ways that you can do to create the child-friendly car.

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