5 Best Auto Car Insurance for Foreign Drivers in USA

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Compiling all the important things to drive legally in the United States is hard – no matter where you come from. If you are a foreign driver, this is especially true. To legally drive in the United States as a foreign driver, you need several things. First, you must have a lock. Second, you need a license – whether in your home country or what is known as an international driver’s license.

How to Get Insurance for Foreign Drivers in the United States

There are several ways to get insurance in the United States as a foreigner: You can get it from a leasing company or from a real insurance company. If you use a foreign car only for holidays, the best bet is to get it from a rental company. Getting insurance from an insurance company is for long term residents who will also buy a car.

Remember, it is difficult and expensive for foreign drivers to get insurance. In the US, some insurance companies will sell you insurance only if you have a US license. That’s because you do not have a driving record or a credit record here. It’s difficult for insurers to determine the type of risk they will face – and therefore how much you will be charged for their services.

5 Best Auto Car Insurance for Foreign Drivers in USA

The best way to find cheap car insurance is to compare personal offers from at least three insurance companies in your country. While some insurance companies tend to offer cheaper prices at the national level, only the small insurance companies available in your area may offer you the best prices specifically. For example, if you shop for insurance for a teenager, you should compare offers from the cheapest insurance companies in your country with adolescent drivers with offers from local service providers, such as GEICO or State Farm. Bellow is 5 auto car insurances you can consider:

  1. State Farm

According to the Insurance Information Agency, State Farm is the number one author of passenger car insurance, with more than $ 40 million written. This auto car insurance has a history of financial stability and customer service satisfaction. With offices and physical factors spread throughout the country, State Farm is renowned for providing individual services that cannot be matched with online businesses.

  1. GEICO

Who did not hear about GEICO? The lizard-shaped mascot is one of the well-known insurance company spokespersons (Lizard spokesman?). Just because it is one of the best known does not mean it is the best choice. They have a bidding tool that you can use on their website to determine how much you will pay for your parcel. You can also make a claim or make a payment through their website as well.

  1. Auto Owners Insurance

While auto-owners insurance keeps at a fairly low level, he gets very high grades across the board. In fact, c. Bauer awarded him the “Best of Most” or “Best” award in each category in the 2018 insurance study. This puts the car insurance in front of the package in terms of total customer satisfaction each time a claim is made. The fact that automatic property insurance exists since 1916 should calm the minds of consumers. The automatic insurance on the owner has 6,300 independent agents, which means that you can purchase your insurance policy directly from the person who understands your needs.

  1. USAA

USAA received a very high degree of satisfaction survey from J.D. Power, including 5/5 in overall customer satisfaction. In addition, USAA customers are very satisfied with the final settlement after an accident, which is one of the most important indicators or high quality insurance companies. The biggest drawback for USAA is that it is available only to former members or members of the US military and their immediate family members. So, if you are in the general public, you will not have the opportunity to purchase a policy from USAA.

  1. The Hartford

With more than 200 years of history in business, The Hartford has built an excellent reputation for customer service and claim processing. Until today, the company continues to receive high marks from companies such as J.D. Authority. In 2018 study insurance study to pay satisfaction claims, Hartford received exceptional grades (4/5 or 5/5) in each category but he had a local agent. Although The Hartford is an old company, it still offers some of the best technologies in business.

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