2021 Audi A3 Sedan Rumor: Performance, exterior, Interior, Release Date And Price

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Even the 2021 Audi A3 is not out yet for the next two years to come, the luxury car manufacturer Audi already brag about their next A3 installment. With the competitive sub-luxury sedan car market, Audi is working on the next generation of A3, and the company says it will be the most advanced car in its segment.

Actually, the 2021 A3 sedan design has been delayed over a year as Audi focuses more on the development of electric E-Tron model, but this time the prototype obtains an intense front-end, although that won’t make your car looks to be substantial and flatter, they may likely are included to give you the coupe-likee physical visual appeal.

2021 Audi A3 performance

The 2021 Audi A3 will offer you its 6 motors engine. The quirk is the discussion of a 1.0-liter TSFI three-barrel turbo petroleum motor that can produce 115hp and 200Nm, a larger 1.4 TSFI motor can produce 150hp and 250Nm. Even though those motors can make the car becoming a remarkable experience, the best motor goes to the brand new 2.0 liter TSFI motor that can produce about 190hp, with a most severe 320Nm torque. Audi also offers you with its robotized seven-speed or “S Tronic” that guarantee you there would be no interruption to acceleration. But don’t worry, the offer will be diverse, and it allows you to choose which one you think is the best.

2021 Audi A3 exterior

2021 Audi A3 Sedan interior design

The new 2021 Audi A3 exterior should have the same visual appeal as A4 but some changes may be made to make the car look more muscular, and as a result, the utterly grille design that is sportier and higher. Another change that may be made is the new introduced front lights which are different. The significant variance might be excellent, considering the car might look more elegant and luxury, so it can be more substantial than for a metropolis budget.

2021 Audi A3 interior

An unnamed Audi executive said the next generation of A3 is going to be better in every way. Especially the interior that made a strong point and it can bring you a true premium feel, that you can only find in the luxury class. Inside the cabin, Audi offers you the best material like a tasteful titanium accent, and by adding some features, it can give you the feel of everything except for the entry-level. The modern technology of digital machine are used from the cockpit, other features such as semi-autonomous of wi-fi, technological boiling area, and an undetected mobile phone wondering along with various provide-working day characteristic.

2021 Audi A3 release date and price

In case you are curious about the release date, the exact date of release hasn’t been announced yet but like other previous A3 sedans, the 2021 model should come out in early 2021 as a new model. So you still have two years to save your money to get this next generation of A3 sedan. But how much does the car cost? With more new features being added to the car, the price might be higher around $40.000.

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