2020 Jaguar XJ will come with the Sportier and Bigger Design, is it true?

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Based on the information, the 2020 Jaguar XJ will hit the market and it is ready to compete with the other cars on the same lineup. Unfortunately, there are not any spy shots about this car. However, there are several rumors that come with the car. The boss said that this new Jaguar XJ will get the upgraded design where this full-size luxurious sedan will have a bigger size with a more spacious room for its cabin. Besides having the new size and design, based on the rumor this car will get the brand new technology as well. It is for sure that this upgrade becomes the really great news for the fans. Here is the further information about the 2020 Jaguar XJ for you.

2020 Jaguar XJ New Technology to Impress the Fans

We have said earlier that the new Jaguar XJ for the 2020 car model will come with the new technologies. Based on the information, this car will use the new technology much like the new Audi A8. If it is a fact, we can expect for the new high technologies toys inside or outside. The fans can get the most modern and the latest technology of the entertainment system and also for the safety aspect. The boss also said that this new 2020 Jaguar XJ is not being developed to against the S-Class directly. It is because Mercedes Bens seem to concern more for the luxurious aspect; meanwhile, Jaguar is concerning more to give the sporty vehicle for the auto-lover. That is why; we can say that this car is just perfect for you who like the good-looking car with the great performance.

The spacious 2020 Jaguar XJ Interior to Take 3 People in Comfort

Next, we will go inside the car or the cabin of this full-size car.  Based on the information, this car will have roughly the same size as the S-Class. In addition, this new Jaguar XJ will also be more driver-focused like the XJR 575. It means that this new car is able to accommodate three people in comfort. The rumor also states that this car will get the spacious room inside with more headroom and also leg room. That spacious cabin will be supported by the high-quality materials that will be used for the 2020 Jaguar XJ interior. For the example is the use of high-quality leather to show more about its sporty style. This car will get modern technologies as well. That is why; we can expect for the bigger and newer touchscreen device and some other entertainment technologies. It will be combined with the great safety features as well to ensure that this car will win the competition.

2020 Jaguar XJ interior design
2020 Jaguar XJ interior design, image: Pinterest

Brand New Car Means the Brand New 2020 Jaguar XJ Engine

If the exterior and interior aspect of this car is upgraded, most of us are maybe expecting that this car will get the brand new engine as well. The engine supposes to give more power to the car. Based on the information, there are several engines options that will be used in this car. The first engine is the new “5.0-liter V8 engine” which is the direct injection type. This 2020 Jaguar XJ engine option is able to create for about 375 kW or 503 horsepower. It is a great weapon to make this new Jaguar XJ competes with its strong competition such as the Bentley. Furthermore, there is also some other engine option for this car. This engine is the new “3.0-liter diesel V6” engine that will make for about 202 kW or 271 horsepower. Maybe, this engine option will be used for the base version of the car. However, we just can wait until the company gives its confirmation about this.

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2020 Jaguar XJ Price and when will it be released?

This is an interesting question. Since there are not any spy shot photos that we got, it is hard for us to predict the price. One thing for sure is that this car can be more expensive than its predecessor. Meanwhile, for the 2020 Jaguar XJ release date, there is a big possibility that this car will be released sometimes in 2019 or maybe early in 2020.

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